Thursday, January 19, 2006

Roaring Lambs IV

Though I haven't seen the new animated movie Hoodwinked, I know several who have. Reviews are mixed, but overall good. What's interesting to me is the back-story around the movie. Several Christians in the mix, hanging out with some big-names that did the voices. All in all, a respectable flick that did very well on its opening weekend (2nd to Glory Road). Many of the creators of Hoodwinked are grads of Anderson University. Very cool. Looking forward to seeing it soon. Does it compare to the Pixar & Disney stuff? Most critics say no. But for a small start-up studio, what should we expect? I'm sure its a few steps up from flannelgraph. Two good articles about the film...

I guess they had a free premiere last week here in Anderson. My friends who went to the free premiere didn't bother to let me in on the deal. Of course, these same friends don't take a family of 5 to the movies, and have no idea the economic impact on my very thin wallet. I promise, however, to see it and support Christians in the arts (after all, I saved all that money from NOT going to see Left Behind volumes 1-?). The next movie I'm planning to see? Check out the above entry...

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