Wednesday, January 25, 2006

100th Post

Not sure what to make of the 100th post. Seems like I should have some sort of prize for the first person to leave a comment on this milestone. Of course, having actual readers who might leave comments would be needed. (I have somewhere around 15 people or so who have actually acknowledged checking in from time to time; occasionally, the random comment from parts unknown).

After one year and 100 entries of drivel, what have I learned? What's it all mean? Can't we all get along?
  1. I'm busy. Too busy to "wax eloquent" like I hoped I might. Being thoughtful and thought-provoking is time consuming, and my time is consumed with other pieces of my life, the majority of which are more important.
  2. I can't be totally honest. I just can't. Some of it is who I am and the expectations of what I might say or might not say. If I were espousing a totally anonymous blog, that might be more likely, and then my readership of 15 or so loyal folks would diminish to those who "blog surf" or just happen to google something that brings my petty thoughts onto their search list. Truth of the matter is, I can't always say what I'm thinking (like, for instance, I want to go off on what a jerk Ron Artest Christian love, of course...)
  3. Sometimes, you get some great conversations going through this medium. Really, some of these thoughts have spilled over into verbal conversations with others that have been rewarding and life-enhancing. Hey, if we're not growing, we're either standing still or drifting backwards. We help each other along and help shape & develop each other's thoughts & worldviews. It's a good thing. This endeavor has aided that.
  4. Spammers are evil. I thought they had discovered every possible way to bug me. Then they went and spammed the blog comment boards. Are these people dialoging with Satan himself? (Of course, I did get some new ginseng vitamins from Tibet that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.)
  5. From time to time, when you express your opinion, people don't like it. Nothing real new here - been doing that verbally for some time. But I'm real comfortable with it. As long as I'm allowed to disagree with the opinions of others, too. Again, I think we all grow a little in these conversations.
  6. I sometimes sound angry. I'm not sure why. I seem to have a significant number of "beefs" to get off my chest. But if you looked up Blog in the dictionary, isn't that sort of what it means anyway (judging from some - not all - that I read?) I'm really not all that angry. Discontent at times? Sure. Unable to just let injustice go without mention? Absolutely. Think things could be better? You bet. But angry? Nah, I'm a little too laid back for that. (though this whole Brad & Angelina thing is getting me there...)

Oh, duty calls. I'm busy, remember? All I can think of for the moment. Probably more than is necessary, anyway. If you need me, I'll be busy rejecting all trade offers, all the while being unwilling to play for the team I'm on. Go figure.


  1. Larzman, you have some pretty good stuff on your blog, so post me as the 16th man (instead of the 6th or 12th depending on which sport you follow). By the way, I agree Artest is an idiot and it looks like he finally might get traded. Good luck with him whoever he goes to.

  2. Hank,
    Welcome aboard. Very astute Pacers comments for a Spurs, fan! Anyway, you commented on the 100th post, so you get an all-expense-paid DQ child-size blizzard (hey, I've got kids going to college in the next 4 years!)Thankfully, Ronnie is on his way to Sac-town...if only TO could join him. Uh, would it be wrong to next say "and then if that big earthquake would happen and California would sink into the Pacific...." Just kidding. I wish him well.

  3. Which reminds me:

    The Second Chance is playing when it opens at Galaxy 14 off of 96th street - about a 1/2 hour drive. End of the SPear is playing there now.

    Lunch and dialogue?

    - Chris


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