Monday, January 23, 2006

Old Friend In The News...with Rod Parsley?

In college, I worked in the recruiting offices and travelled with various singing groups throughout the Midwest, trying to convince impressionable HS students to consider our small college. For a few of those years, my boss was a guy named Russell Johnson. I have all sorts of RJ stories. Legend has it (of course, never proven, but legend nonetheless) that he would promise kids the world to come to our school. "Oh, you like horses? We're planning to build stables some day." That sort of thing. My favorite part of the deal was travelling with Russell. On more than one occasion, I remember eating on his expense account. Sweet times.

So imagine my suprise when I see a blurb on my daily Christianity Today blurb that has none other than RJ and Rod Parsley in the same byline!

Seems the fellas are under attack for allowing a Christian who just happens to be running for office (Governor of Ohio, to be exact) to speak at their church, among other things.

I really don't care to express much of an opinion*. I like Russell, and I have friends and family that attend his church. Parsley scares me a little. But what's most interesting is what some in our country can get away with (Hillary, Rev. Jackson, Ray Nagin, Sharpton, et al), while others become front-page criticism (i.e. if you're caucasion, and you're a Christian, and a public figure, every action and word is monitored.... do we really think Jesse Jackson is preaching? He's promoting candidates and his agenda 24/7).

OK, I actually typed the numbers 24/7. Look out....I'm bound to cut loose a "fo shizzle" before you least expect it.

Here's the Parsley/Johnson article from the Dispatch. Go get 'em, Russell...

(*OK, I guess I do have some opinions...see the post above "A More Excellent Way.")

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