Monday, November 20, 2006


This weekend, the National Missionary Convention was held in downtown Indianapolis. Over 10,000 were in attendance of all ages. I was able to catch up with a number of folks that I've met along the way, and continue to walk away in awe of what God is doing in the world...and how he's utilizing folks like you and I. A few of the folks I spent some time with this weekend:

Dave & Lisa Sprinkle - Lisa was in my youth group in Ohio a bunch of years ago. She and Dave live and work among Indian reservations in Arizona & New Mexico. Their ministry is called Hope In Transit. Very creative...they have a travelling music school on various reservations, providing free music lessons to kids, and telling them about Jesus along the way. Very cool...

Ajai Lall - Without a doubt, one of the most amazing men of God I will ever meet. Had the privilege of visiting the Lall's minisitry, Central India Christian Mission, a few years ago. Just an unbelievable ministry. We were fortunate to arrange for Ajai to speak at our church this Sunday. It was a home-run as expected. Can't say enough about what CICM has accomplished, and all that Ajai has been through - persecution, government stubling blocks, you name it. Oh, and only a small percentage (3% or so) of the over 1.2 BILLION profess any form of Christianity. Ajai is definitely called to do what he's doing.

Another old friend, whom I've bumped into over the years, and whose name I won't use, is currently running a coffee shop in K*bul, Afgh*nastan. His strategy is to simply run a business and live & work there, growing friendships. The dream is to start other shops, and hand off the ownership of these to other Christians, to slowly build a stronger base of believers in the country. Fascinating... if you want to get involved & help somehow, contact Team Expansion

Many more...these are 3 that pop into my mind at the moment, and I'm thrilled to know them and have the opportunity to pray & support them my own way. You're welcome to as well!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Do I Creep You Out?

Found this humorous...Weird Al and the JibJab guys joining forces...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jesus for Tots

Seems the good folks at the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, and their one2believe division, had a good idea. Give 4,000 of their talking Jesus doll to the Toys For Tots program. Only problem...the TFT people don't want scripture-quoting Jesus dolls. So they said no (read about it here). Not a big deal, thinks I...can't the folks at the doll company just give away the Jesus dolls anyway? Seems like that's what we're supposed to be doing anyway with this free Gospel we've been given, the one so many have exploited & capitalized. Click the picture to order your own version, including David, Moses and others!

Prescription Drug or Metal Band?

A little something fun....answers at the end!

Prescription Drug or Metal Band?
- - - -
1. Norvasc
2. Xentrix
3. Skelaxin
4. Glycolax
5. Eidolon
6. Acyclovir
7. Hirax
8. Mythotyn
9. Krabathor
10. Ilium
11. Ketek
12. Insomnium
13. Armour Thyroid
14. Depakote
15. Lantus
16. Diovan
17. Zetia
18. Gorgoroth
19. Amebix
20. Finntroll
21. Behexen
22. Flonase
23. Xalatan
24. Avelox
25. Ted Nugent
26. Treponem Pal
27. Advair Diskus
28. Zocor
29. Ensiferum
30. Ambien

Metal bands: 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26, 29
Prescription drugs: 1, 3, 4, 6, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 22, 24, 27, 28, 30

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Haggard Truth

In the past couple of weeks, two hard-to-watch items have bombarded my television screen. First is the ad-nauseum political commercials that seem to never end. Fortunately, we have a brief reprieve until the next election season. For some reason, it got really old, really fast.

The other more difficult thing to see and learn about was the fall of Ted Haggard. Admittedly, I've never been much of a fan. Not because I thought he was a fraud, crook, or cult leader (as he's since been called by many in the media). But because for some reason he was one of a handful of people that "spoke" on my behalf. Not because I wanted him to, and not because he really did speak for me. But because he was the main mouthpiece for this loosely arranged group in our country known as evangelicals. Some 33 million of us, the majority of which didn't have a say in who would speak on our behalf, and my hunch is don't really want anyone but Jesus speaking for us in the first place. But its a reality, and now those of us who fit into that category of evangelical, whether we like it or not, live with the fall-out.

I certainly don't fault Ted Haggard for being any kind of spokesperson. Often its driven by other forces, like the media who need someone for a sound bite, or other special interest groups who can find someone who lines up with their particular ideology and "anoint" someone as the voice of their movement.

Truth is, I believe in a God of transformation & restoration. I do believe he has worked through people like Haggard, and I believe he can again. Sure, right now its a big target, and any jab or lob will hit just fine. I just hope we'll all look in the mirror before throwing stones. Admittedly, I don't always do that, and have been quick to partake in the jokes and/or criticism. For that I repent and seek forgiveness. Instead, lets pray for Haggard and his church and his family.

Here's a terrific article called The Haggard Truth from Gordon MacDonald, who is no stranger to forgiveness & resoration. It's very well said, and I hope you'll read it and pass it around.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

7 Steps to My Best Life!

Oh, how I was hoping that something like this would hit the market! Not because I needed to pick up one for everyone on my Christmas list, but so I would have something to make fun of ad nauseum. Apparently, the folks at some lame board game company thought this would be a good idea. I guess they ran out of other games to copy-cat and simply add "The Bible Edition" to the title. You know..."Outburst - Bible Edition" or "Apples to Apples - Bible Edition" or "Operation - Bible Edition" (if this one did exist, I suppose removing the Adam's Apple would take on a whole new meaning...). Looking to pick up your own copy of this ridiculous waste of money? You can get it on sale here, but you better hurry to beat the rush! Order today, and get the new copy of the Prayer of Jabez video game for your XBOX 360. You can "increase your territory" by marching on Washington and single-handedly impeaching one left-wing democrat after another....
(Jesus died for this?)

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Products 4 U

Need some new products for home, office, or car? Here's some to choose from. They do lean a little to the left. The "Jesus was a Liberal" T-shirt might give you that impression! And though I don't particularly line up with all I see here, a few things struck a this bumper sticker! Click the pic to check out the site for yourself....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spider House

My friends have been dealing with an unbelievable dilemma for the past year. Their home is infested with brown recluse spiders. They have had all sorts of experts & "bug" people check it out, and nothing has worked. Many friends, family & church folk have stepped up to help, mostly by offering some sort of housing. But I'm sure they're approaching the proverbial 'wits end.' They can't live in their home, but they still have to pay the mortgage, insurance, you name it. Both insurance & mortgage companies have been involved, but so far, little help is available or offered.

Our local ABC affiliate does a "Call 6 For Help" feature each week. Tonight at 6:00 on channel 6, my friends the Cooks are featured - Chad & Wendy and their kids. I hope lots of people watch, and that we would all pray that through this being aired, some solution might arise. Watch if you can; not sure if Channel 6 will put the entire story on their site after the fact, but it appears they archive the stories here, so you can probably watch the story after Thursday the 2nd. You can catch the trailer for the story here (or click the picture).