Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Flipant Prayer?

Every wonder if our prayers can be too casual or flipant? Does God care? Does he listen to the honest casual prayer just like he listens to the carefully thought out prayer? Tony Jones has an interesting article in Christianity Today entitled "Prayer Beyond Father Weejus." It's worth a look...

"Father, weejus come to you today....."

Bunny Humor

~ Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.
~ Walk softly and carry a big carrot.
~ Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
~ All work and no play can make you a basket case.
~ Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
~ Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
~ Keep your paws off other people's jellybeans.
~ The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.
~ An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare.
~ To show your true colors you have to come out of your shell.
~ The best things in life are still sweet and gooey!
Good Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Easter.
Bad Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Christmas.

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Leadership Network

I'm a big fan of the Leadership Network. They have a tremendous amount of resources, particularly the books they produce. Thought I would promote them a little, and I'll add their book blog to my blog list. You can see it here.... lots of links to authors, etc. in the blog itself!


It's been over a month since my last post. A lot has happened, not too mention a "significant" birthday. It hit me right between the eyes at the gym. I do go fairly often, but to glance at my portly countenance one would wonder if I knew what a treadmill even looks like!

Regardless, I know my way around the cardio room. Most of the machines ask you to enter some info about yourself in order, I suppose, to monitor your heart rate and adjust your workout accordingly. I suppose when I could no longer put "39" in when asked about my age - it kicked in!

So in March of 2007, I did turn 40. I'm still wondering what that really means, and how to best take advantage of the next 40. Learning from mistakes & shortcomings to be who God wants me to be - a better husband, father, and servant.

I don't want to spend too much time wondering how I would do the last 20 years differently... no sense in beating myself up too much!