Wednesday, January 18, 2006

iBelieve I've Had Enough

You knew it was coming. A designer named Scott Wilson has figured out a way to "show your faith in a more fashionable way." He created a lanyard that transforms the iPod Shuffle into a crucifix. Nothing new...I've been telling people for years that my Sony Discman is symbolic of the stone that rolled away from the tomb!
Fortunately (or unfortunately for Wilson), I believe Apple has shelved the Shuffle.


  1. I took mine back because it would only accept Creed uploads.

  2. Mine kept downloading Michael W. Smith songs when I wasn't looking.

    :P *bleh*

  3. Very funny comments! I expect no less than the Creed comeback from Kyle. The notion of a "virus" that makes it upload sappy Christian music? Also novel. And not a bad idea...I'm channeling my Carman collection to iChristians even as we speak...

  4. I actually stopped listening to the local Christian station because "Healing Rain" made me near homicidal and seemed to play every other song.

    I had to politely stand and leave service when it was part of a video montage.

    I'm not going to lie. I despise that song to no end. Smith's "Hop on Pop" lyricism grates my nerves to no end.

    I think Smith's music has alienated more people than to pull them closer to God. I remember thinking at one time, "is this what Christians listen to? Is this what I'm going to have to consume in an effort to avoid 'devil music'?"

    I think it was divine intervention God gave ol' Michael W. the last name of "Smith" as to avoid me looking him up in a phone book in an effort to find his address and burn down his studio.

    I liked the song "Witch's Invitation" from Carmen years ago. I found the old cassette tape a friend had made, popped it in the other day, and asked myself "what was I thinking?" as I listened. The sappiness and camp contained within that three minutes was enough to make me toss the tape.

    Sorry, Carmen. Sorry, MWS.

  5. Chris,
    If the new Steve Taylor movie "Second Chance" ever makes it to the theatre (it's scheduled for March, I think), I'm taking you along. I'm not telling you who stars in the film as none other than a mega-church worship leader who is forced to spend a season in a rag-tag inner city church...

  6. Too late,

    I looked!


    It definately sounds like a movie I'd see, though.


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