Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brokeback Molehill

I don't plan to see Brokeback Mountain. I did think Barbara Nicolosi's review was interesting. She's a film critic of sorts, runs a training institute called Act One that attempts to aid Christians to get involved in the film culture, and is an interesting read at times. I stole the Brokeback Molehill line from the title of her review. Read if you're interested. Just remember, the world at large can comment on these things, so I certainly don't endorse a lot of what you might read from those commenting on her thoughts. I do think what Barbara says is worth chewing on, and I just thought the whole Brokeback Molehill thing was witty & clever.


  1. I'm thinking of going to see it just to be able to poke some fun at it afterwards. Maybe to keep a journal as I more intend to watch people watching the movie.

    My wife was inadvertantly calling the movie by another name for almost a week. Unfortunately, I can't repeat it here, but it will probably be used as the title in a parody-type movie in the adult cinema section. A friend and I were laughing every time she talked about (fill in the blank)Mountain.

    Finally, I had to tell her about her faux pas before she repeated the mistaken name in public and drew some unnecessary attention.

  2. I've enjoyed what I've seen from Director, Ang Lee and I'm still looking forward to seeing this. I don't know if that will happen before it leaves theaters or not though. I don't believe it has played in Anderson at all. But eventually, definitely, I will see it.

    I hate to comment on a film I haven't seen, but my experience has been that films like this one with controversial elements are deserving of neither the glorious praise nor the sharp condemnation heaped on them.

  3. Glad to have Jeremy back in the fold. Thought I had lost him along the way. I agree with your comments about films that are somewhat controversial. BTW, if you can find Letterman's top 10 list out there somewhere about Brokeback Mtn, its hilarious.


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