Thursday, January 19, 2006

Letterman and the Colts

The Monday night Late Show after the Colts debacle with the Steelers was humorous. Letterman's opening monologue joke was "At least now I'm the second biggest dissappointment to come out of Indianapolis." Funny. He's had some sort of Colts take each night this week. In fact, tonight he has Mike Vanderjagt and Hunter Smith in studio, and they'll be kicking field goals in the street! Although I find that funny, and appreciate that Vandy doesn't take himself too seriously (like jumping off a building, etc), one can't help but hope he has limited time to talk. His track record isn't good for team unity and such. And let's also hope that he stays away from the hotel mini-bar. The upside is that Hunter Smith is with him, and will hopefully keep him in check. That is of course until he cashes his last Colts check, since free agency will probably take him elsewhere (though, if he were a real man, he would play for less next year to make up for the "wide right")...

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  1. Yeah, but Vandy's not a real man. He's a metrosexual jerk with a big mouth and a kicking foot that doesn't match it. No way he will do anything that doesn't work to his advantage.


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