Monday, June 09, 2008

The Great Shark Catch of 2008

Took a couple of my kids to see the new Indy Jones movie the night before we left the beach (my second viewing). Trevor and Vicki stayed behind, and while walking along the beach before nightfall, came across 4-5 small sharks, laying dead on the beach. Not sure if they washed up in the tide, were left by a fisherman who caught them (hey, I hope they catch 'em all....those little guys grow up to be big guys!), or what. Neverthless, we now have a story to actual fish tale...

It's So On....

We returned home from vacation to a house surrounded by branches from the storms for the week, high grass from all the rain, and this lovely scene. Seems a wacko squirrel is having its way on the patio furniture cushions in both my yard and our neighbor's porch.
Upon further examination, it appears he's going up into a grove of trees that are between my house and my neighbors; there is a trail of cotton all up through the trees. Let the games begin. Little squirrel, you will not have the last word.....
Not happy, to say the least. Looks like we'll be having some fried squirrel very soon.....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Is the What

Took a chance on a book I saw at Borders that looked interesting, though not sure how much of a "beach read" it might prove to be. It's called What Is the What by Dave Eggers. "Separated from his family, Valentino Achak Deng becomes a refugee in war-ravaged southern Sudan. His travels bring him in contact with enemy soldiers, with liberation rebels, with hyenas and lions, with disease and starvation, and with deadly murahaleen (militias on horseback)—the same sort who currently terrorize Darfur. Based closely on actual experiences, What Is the What is heartrending and astonishing, filled with adventure, suspense, tragedy and, finally, triumph."

This has turned out to be a fascinating story, one in which I knew little about. Very eye-opening and educational, and highly recommended. Amazing read.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ahh, The Ocean

I love the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Specifically the little area called Emerald Isle. A few pics of our vacation destination. Love having that big, God-created ocean right outside the door!