Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Country Weekend

I'm not much of a country music guy. I don't know why - the foundation was firmly poured in my life for it to happen. I have vivid recollections of Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride playing from the 8-track in the Vega glove compartment. No kidding. But, somehow, I escaped.

This weekend, my friend Rob was in town to play guitar for a concert that featured a female country artist from our area, as well as a couple of other singer/songwriter folks.

Well, it was my friend Rob (who has a couple of terrific tunes 'out there' being considered by various recording artists). And, I had some tickets. So my son and I went to the downtown theater to get our groove on. Or whatever you do when you go to a country music event.

Admittedly, its a lot of country music. I felt like I should be eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor, waiting for my name to be called for my non-smoking table for 4.

But talent is talent. It was very good, and they even coaxed Rob to do his song "Three Months And A Winnebago" (great song...coming to a Texas Roadhouse jukebox near you...). I had the privilege of meeting all of the folks involved, and they couldn't be nicer. It would help if those performing country music were jerks, and if some out there are the 'Barry Bonds' of the country scene, I'm unaware. These folks couldn't have been nicer to chat with. Rob was able to catch up and crash with the wife and I - since he did sing in my wedding, my casa is always his casa.

So, I'm not on any bandwagons just yet. For now, Rob's tunes on my mp3 are about as country as I go, along with the soundtrack to O Brother (more bluegrass than country). But it was a nice forray into a cross-cultural experience (more Dale Jr. jackets than you could shake a stick at).

The website(s) for the artists that night are:

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  1. Goodness. You don't like country? We're going to have to work on expanding your horizons a bit.

    I'm thinking random assaults of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings should plant a seed.


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