Friday, May 19, 2006

More Da Vinci Drivel

Infuze is an online newsletter that I typically enjoy. They have a blog that has some interesting thoughts about all things Da Vinci, and some of it was interesting. A couple of quotes...

"Maybe I'm a bad Christian and I'll have to answer for this someday on the
other side of the pearly gates, but the number one thing that makes me
uncomfortable is that this seems like a great opportunity for Christians to line
up to say stupid things. You know... people like Pat Robertson... but that's
just an example."

"In all seriousness, the main concern seems to be that the unchurched will
see this movie and accept it as gospel truth, and I say if anyone takes The
DaVinci Code as gospel truth, whether they are the unchurched or stereotyped
preacher's kids, then they aren't especially intelligent. I read "The Lovely
Bones" by Alice Sebold. It wasn't scriptural in any way, shape, or form, but it
didn't shake my faith, or brainwash me into thinking that the biblical
description of Heaven was untrue.

It doesn't matter who or what you follow. It doesn't change the fact
that this is still just a novel.

And you know what else doesn't matter?It doesn't matter if Jesus got
married and had kids or not.I still believe that Jesus Christ was a man with no
home, who didn't have a place to take a wife, and was tempted in every way
(including sexually) and yet did not sin.But if Jesus got married and had a
family, He would be no less of a Savior to me, or to you.

There's a big, huge, ENORMOUS difference between a historical
discrepancy, and a supernatural one.Either Jesus suffered, died, and rose again
to save you from your sins, or He didn't.

A wife and kids doesn't change that."

You can read more here, and don't hesitate to read the critical reviews (scroll down to "Bloodbath at Cannes! Critics Crucify 'Da Vinci'!") \

Here's a free download that sums up some of the sticking points...

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