Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Born Again Chickens

Once again, I'm somewhat speechless. My friend Kyle, one of the faithful dozen, sent this link to Walmart's music catalog (where he finds some of the stuff he sends me is a complete myster). This is apparently legit, though I'm unclear on who actually might purchase "Praise & Eggs" by the Born Again Chickens. Although, they cluck a mean version of "A Mighty Rooster Is Our God."

Really, aren't they worried about lightning striking them on the spot? Now that's what I call fried chicken! Other song titles include "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Poultry" and "Onward Christian Chickens, Marching 'Cross The Road." I'm not sure which bothers me the most - that this even exists, or that Walmart carries it at all!

I'm looking forward to Volume II: "I Could Cluck Of Your Love Forever," featuring all the hottest, most overdone new worship songs of the church.

You have to check out this site...Walmart does give you a chance to hear the songs, which I assure you is eggciting (sorry....just yolkin' around).

If you need me, I'll be out having an omlette somewhere.


  1. Well done, Larz. I often find things with the sole intention of sending them your way.

  2. I heard the band consist mainly of blonde chicks. *ba-dum *CHING*


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