Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Barbara Blog Blasted

If you read the Christianity Today article (I pasted it here a couple days back) from Barbara Nicolosi, you might guess that it set off a firestorm of response. Check out some of the email thoughts from readers, on both sides of the fence:

Lisa Rutherford: Bravo!!!! This article was so on target, I practically want to frame it. I just hope the word gets out and enough people do it.

Annie Fitzsimmons: The Da Vinci Code is a FICTIONAL NOVEL.It is pure entertainment, and that's it! Why are Christians flipping out and figuring out how to "othercott" it or "evangelize" through it? Let's talk about the gospel in our churches and go see whatever movies we'd like to see.

David Christy: What an excellent commentary. Thank you so much for a clear voice with specific content, rather than the unending "Dialogue for Consensus" that is literally killing us all.

Dennis Payne: I believe Nicolosi is missing the point for many in the Christian community. We should prepare ourselves and learn our church history that "the church" has neglected to teach. I know our Scriptures very well, but I have been caught off guard with church history. Until now, it hasn't mattered, but to prepare for the movie, I'm reading the book, because we have zero credibility to talk about DVC unless we have read it. I challenge every Christian who wants to make a difference with the outcome of DVC to dive into our church history, read the books and don't be afraid to share with anyone who would ask.

Dan Portnoy: Getting bent out of shape isn't helping anybody. I think this movie is a great way to bring conversations about coworkers' spiritual thoughts out around the water cooler. What an opportunity.


Of course, 2 of my "certified dozen" readers had some interesting things to say. I would like to personally invite my friends Jeremy and Chris to go to the movie with me. Maybe we'll invite Barbara, though she'll be seeing the cartoon flick, or the the "one starring the Scientologist looney, or the one where Hollywood can make a "killing" glamorizing a national tradgedy." (quote courtesy of Chris P)

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