Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Steve Taylor's Second Chance

I mentioned recently that I’ve rediscovered the creative genius that is Steve Taylor (check my previous post).  I was THRILLED to get to see Steve at a conference I attended last week, and have the opportunity to be part of a screening of his new movie “Second Chance.”  Very cool.  I very much enjoyed the film, and hope it has some level of success.  So Steve can make a bunch of $?  Well, that’s great and all.  But I’m more interested in films like these doing well, and opening the door for other Christians to penetrate the arts by being salt & light.  Notice I didn’t say “so more Christians can make cheese that no one but other Christians will want to see and thereby continue to keep our God-ordained creativity locked in a closet.”  So far, aside from the Passion, most efforts have been poor (have you seen Left Behind or Omega Code??)  Taylor did joke in the post-screening interview about how low the bar has been set for a Christian-produced film; there was nowhere to go but up!  Very funny!


Sony Pictures is picking up this film and will promote, etc.  That’s very cool.  It’s called “Second Chance,” and will release in September.   And I think it’s a film that just feels legit, unlike much of the VHS stuff I’ve played for youth groups over the years.  I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that now.  I hope you’ll see Second Chance, and that the message of the film hits home with you as it did with me.   I’ll be reminding you!


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