Friday, May 06, 2005

Alright already...I said this would be hard!

I guess I should feel honored that two people have actually asked "what's up with the blog void?" The fact that there are two of you who have a) read anything I've had to offer and b) felt compelled to mention the obvious lack of forthcoming thoughts, well, makes me sort of tear up...ok, maybe not acutal tears. I do literally have a list on my desk here titled "things to blog about", and now that I'm breathing a little better with my schedule, I will begin attacking those items. I promise that today I will make another significant contribution to our already cluttered lives of stuff we're not sure when we'll have time to read in the first place.

BTW, Letterman's tribute last night to Cinco de Mayo (no idea if I spelled that right) was a giant 800-lb pinata (again, spelling in question) suspended from a crane a few feet off of the street. A NYC bus hit the gas pedal and rammed right through it. I found that somewhat funny.

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