Thursday, May 26, 2005

Roaring Lambs I

Bob Briner's Roaring Lambs has long been a favorite book of mine. The concept in a nutshell involves Christians being salt & light, particularly in the performing arts. NOT just turning out more Christian product (CD's, bad movies, cheesy art, Left Behind volume 78, etc). But penetrating the culture and being seasoning - that looks a whole bunch different than most Christian Bookstore fare that has a defininte narrow target audience. I get excited when I hear Roaring Lamb stories and listen to those who are passionate about culture penetration.
For instance, many are unaware of John Grisham's faith walk. The guy even teaches a SS class at a Baptist church. Having read a few of his books (granted, not all), you find a good mix of Biblical themes permeating his stories (grace, redemption, good vs. evil, etc.) I've often thought that one of the chapters in The Testament is perhaps the best Gospel presentation outside of the Bible itself that I've read. So which is better - Grisham's God-laced stories that inevitably reach the masses of seekers and non-believers, or the next in the money-grubbing series of Christian "thrillers" largely read by religious fundamentalists? (Not that there's anything wrong with that if you or I happen to be one...)
So, occasionally I want to mention a roaring lamb or two. I just stumbled across this film critic and teacher who happens to be a Christian. Her name is Barbara Nicolsi, and she has some interesting thoughts that are worth the time. One of her thoughts about Christians in Hollywood..."We are never going to get anywhere in Hollywood until Christians are willing to do for God what the pagans do for money." I like that. Another article she has entitle "Five Easy Things Christians Can Do To Change The Culture Fast" is worth your time. I like knowing there are people like Barbara in the thick of things, growing up roaring lambs. She has some interesting ideas I hope you'll chew on awhile.
(Just came across another interview with Barbara that is very insightful; lots of info on what she and her Act One organization are doing in and around Hollywood...worth your time if you're at all interested in how Christians can, should, and in small pockets are affecting our culture)

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