Friday, May 06, 2005

The Lament Of Desmond R.G. Underwood - Frederick IV

I've recently rediscovered the genius of Steve Taylor. Steve, if I may call him Steve, is an artist that really defies description under the umbrella of Christian media. He was quirky, thought-provoking, and funny long before the Relient K's of the world were even born. I stumbled across a couple of articles about Steve, one regarding his current film project, another a tell-all interview from 2003's Cornerstone festival, and it gave me fond memories of "I Want To Be A Clone," "Cash Cow," and a host of other Steve-isms.

He had a way of saying things that I found refreshing, and after picking up Squint, perhaps my favorite of his CD's, I find it still very refreshing.

"The news of my impending death came at a really bad time for me." That strikes me a number of ways: creative, well-put, and perhaps indicative of the folks I was looking at as I drove around with "The Lament of Desmond R.G. Underwood-Frederick IV" blasting in my stylin' Buick LeSabre. (Check the link and read the lyrics - creative. Not my all-time fave, but one that currently is spinning in my head) People all around me, myself included, never really getting to the heart of the matter. Always something else to do first. Always a list of priorities to get into place, and THEN we'll get to what really matters. But for Desmond, as for a lot of us, there comes a time when "Your Number's Up." Because "When they cancel your breathing policy, it tends to steal a bit of the old joie de vivre**." Life is short; don't spend it in endless pursuits, but rather in those that matter, with the people that matter.

So thanks, Steve, for making a bunch of us think. Here's hoping you'll have the chance to share more of your craft with us. Looking forward to your movie(s), too!

**French for "Hearty or carefree enjoyment of life"

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