Sunday, May 29, 2005


School justed ended for our kids. A little sad - our small family-oriented country school is being closed, and kids that will number roughly the size of a small town in India are being put into a brand-new megaschool that from the outside looks like a large spaceship preparing for takeoff. I'm not the least bit concerned about my kids. Its the kids who don't have direct parent involvement in their lives that worry me a little. The tendency to get lost in the shuffle, not to mention lost in the every-expanding student/teacher ratio, that's my only concern for some kids. I hope I'm wrong, that the ratios don't change much, and that it still feels "small" once it gets rolling. Jury is still out.
During the last week of school, my daughter was doing some homework that involved money. She had to make a list of items and how much they cost. She listed milk @ $2.99, eggs at .99 cents, etc. At the bottom of the page, on her own, she wrote the following:
Spending time with your family - priceless.
Now that's funny. Not to mention dead-on correct! Her paper was returned with a big smiley face next to that statement from the teacher (how could she NOT like that?)

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