Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Steve Saint Seminar

Last Wednesday, I took advantage of a day-long seminar with Steve Saint. Steve is the son of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries that lost their lives some 50 years ago in the jungle of Ecuador to the Auca Indians. If you don't know Steve's story, how he essentially grew up there and befriended, along with his family, the same people that took his father's life - it's a remarkable story. There are plenty of summaries online, or you can check out the book "End of the Spear", which was also a major motion picture a few months back. Picture at the left is Steve working at i-tec, the company he founded that helps indigenous people build airplanes, dental equipment, etc. Some to be used in indigenous areas, some to help stimulate an economy in places where there is none. Rather fascinating.....

It was falso ascinating to listen to Steve's stories and insights. A few that he shared:

"Christ gave the Great Commission to the church - that's our purpose. The purpose of missions is to establish churches where there are none, so the church can continue to do the Great Commission.

"If you don't have kids, they probably won't either...."

"The Church may not be perfect, but nonetheless its the organism through which Christ has chosen to reach the world."

"Evangelism is a relay race, not a marathon" (nor is it a sprint...) "Unless the baton is handed off, the relay ends" (Steve compared this to what has happened in England, the very country from whom the Gospel was exported to us...the baton ceased to be passed, and now only 4% claim to be evangelical Christians in Great Britain)

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