Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus Suspension

I'm not much a follower of Don Imus. Couldn't find him on my radio if I tried. One of the monitors at the YMCA sometimes has his MSNBC show, which is essentially his radio show being shown live on TV. Anyway, he said some stupid things. And he has apologized. There are those who are protesting, demanding he be fired. Though I do think the comments he made were wrong and way over the top, he has gone out of his way to apologize and repent of his words.

I've always sort of been a "benefit of the doubt" kinda guy. Right or wrong, its where I land. I tend to give anyone who's acting out or saying something rude or unkind that benefit of the doubt. Sometimes you just don't think before you speak. Sometimes, you're just moody or cranky and you inadvertantly say something you shouldn't or don't normally say, or you say it with a certain tone that just changes the whole meaning. I also believe second chances are good things. We've all had them. Truth be told, we've all had many more than just 2, haven't we?

This is radio "shock jock." (he's been called that....I just thought he was a folksy kinda guy who happened to have one of those radio voices and made a career out of it...) He doesn't have a track record of racism or bigotry, and I don't think this one circumstance should make him a card-carrying member of that group. So if he needs to be suspended, fine. I'm not sure that's necessary either, but fine. But the guy has learned a valuable lesson. Let him back on the air to help the many who apparently do listen to his show come to learn those lessons from him.

In the mean time, what can we do to get Sharpton & Jackson off the air? And BTW, what little I've heard from Howard Stern...how can THAT guy not be suspended??

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