Wednesday, April 04, 2007

David Crowder Video

This week, the David Crowder Band video is featured over on MSN. Check out the video and be sure to vote for Crowder. No idea what the voting thing means, and its obvious that hords of Crowder fans (or is it a pack of rabid squirrels?) (NOTE: Voting is over, but you can still watch the video.) have frequented and given lots of love. In fact, the tag on the picture says 2006 Artist of the Year. If you've followed Crowder much, you may 'get' some of the video images. If not, its a cool song with animated video featuring some squirrels who seemingly become Crowder fans! Its fun...he's absolutely the best thing going in Christian music right now. Check it out! (Go there, click on the band's photo, and it will start soon thereafter).

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