Friday, December 15, 2006

They Speak For Themselves

Couple of political cartoons worth sharing....


  1. I don't understand how relevant these pictures are for a liberal who can defend a party such as the democrats who stand for murdering innocent life or better known as "pro-choice" or even stand up for a homosexual agenda that is convincing the world that its cool to be gay. I mean you share a picture that shows we need to be concerned about HIV... yet you refuse to take a stand against what the bible makes clear towards a lifestyle that promotes a political statement that you think "explains itself".

    I myself am not either a republican or a democrat, but to look at what the party stands for in a whole... you can easily see that a vote for the way of the democrat... is a vote in the complete opposite direction the Lord calls us to follow.

    --C.S. Lewdis

  2. I apologize if you've misinterpreted any of my writings as a clear defense of either party.

    On the contrary, I'm not a big fan of either. I can't agree with the logic that voting Democrat (or Republican) is a "vote in the complete opposite direction the Lord calls us to follow."

    Sure, a case can easily be made that many (but certainly not all) who are on the democratic side of the fence do tend to support pro-choice legislation and gay rights. Clearly, the Bible speaks on these issues (yes, I'm aware that for many, they would debate the word 'clearly.')

    Many who are on the Republican side of the fence support different types of legislation that also can contradict God's Word. Issues about the environment, social issues, war (does it make sense to be pro-life and pro-war?), and a host of other issues on both sides. Yes, these are all heavily debated, and there are Christians making arguments for and against all of these issues. I'm a believer that we need to have open conversations, not blanket statements where we take one scripture passage, often out of context, and use it to defend our opinion of truth.

    It's fine to have those opinions, and basing them on scripture is a good thing. But it seems the religious right, however they may vote at the polls, focus on one or two major topics to the exclusion of many other issues that are also close to the heart of God. Those scriptures are either ignored or overlooked.

    So please don't interpret this conversation as a "defense" of any party or group. Also, overgeneralizations might not be all that persuasive either ('the party that's standing up for the homosexual agenda and making it look cool to be gay'). Not sure you can label an entire party with that nametag. Yes, there are loud voices in that group that find ways to get attention, soundbites on Fox News, etc. And, there are loud voices on the religious right getting attention, too. I often wonder if those extreme voices on either side are being listened to at all.

    What's really influencing people is the relationships/friendships we develop when we can help others see the love of Christ, not the loud, hateful mouthpiece that's normally heard. We have some convincing to do. Our culture has a tainted idea of Jesus, and we need to get busy showing who He really is.

    If my little slice of blogsphere has been hateful, I repent and promise to be more Christlike.


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