Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Evangelicals on 'Today'

The Today show, the bastian of truth and wisdom of the American airwaves (OK, so its not really all that bad), had a recent series, I think, entitled The Mystery of Faith. This clip deals with the Evangelical movement, also highlighting those within its ranks who are bucking the trend that most Evangelicals have blindly accepted. There is much more to say than a 2 1/2 minute highly-edited clip can give, so other study is a good thing too. Here's the clip.... I'm becoming a big fan of Jim Wallis, who is briefly quoted in the clip.

BTW, is anyone else getting a little tired of Joel Osteen? He's in this video clip, and last night was on the Barbara Walters special as one of the 10 most influential people of 2006. His whole Christianity-lite approach is just that. If you can watch his segment with Barbara, let me know if it leaves you scratching your head a little and saying 'Huh?'


  1. If you are a Christian and you vote democrat, YOU ARE SINNING.

    Just throw the Bible right out the window, who cares what it says anyway, we'll just promote everything that Jesus Christ condemns, and at the beema seat, we'll just say we thought most of the Lord's words were 'figurative'

  2. Come now, if you're going to talk like that, at least use your name! I didn't know folks who thought that way were up to speed on this whole 'superinformation highway' thing anyway...

  3. Well, I didn't write the first comment but I am not suprised by the reaction Larzmarshall gave... to think that someone who stands up for what the bible tells us and try to attack them by suggesting he or she is ignorant or old in their thoughts?!... First off, if its not broken... why fix it? Secondly, just because the worldly people invite us to be one of them and share thier ideas...doesn't mean we discard what the bible tells us and remain only visitors. Sad that the right thing gets mocked or discredited even by our fellow believers. But then again I guess the bible tells us this would happen too.

    --C.S. Lewdis

  4. Sorry for the 'joke' above...assumed you were a friend giving me a hard time, and a little startled that someone might actually think that voting democratic is likened to sinning. (I addressed this in the blog above with the cartoons that you apparently didn't like, "They Speak For Themselves," - check out the comment section). I guess I'm a little unclear about the harshness of your comment (the first comment), as well as the meaning of both comments above. I'm assuming you may have clicked the Sojourner's link and read some of that and that's the problem? I do hope you'll investigate that a little more and get a better understanding of where they're coming from. So, sorry, I'm a little unclear where both "Anonymous" folks above are coming from.


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