Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

I had never heard of this piece of work, entitled Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. I suppose when you're the most popular, most talked about person in the history of the planet, some knucklehead movie producer was bound to think of this. Guess its some sort of cheesy horror movie. Even I figured that out from the title and the clever by-line for the film "The Power of Christ Impales You." Oh, and its the Special Edition DVD. Can't imagine what makes it so special. Here's the "from the cover" stuff from Amazon:
From the Back Cover - The second coming is upon us, and Jesus has returned to Earth. But before he can get down to the serious business of judging the living and the dead, he has to contend with an army of vampires that can walk in the daylight. Combining Kung-fu action with Biblical prophecy and a liberal dose of humor, the film teams the Savior with Mexican wrestling hero El Santos against mythological horrors and science gone mad and also manages to address contemporary sexual politics. And did we mention that it's a musical? This sure ain't Sunday school.
And for that last statement, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

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  1. Hey Larzonian,
    Great blogs, man. These directors are mocked by the seven day week they are subject to and the fact that this is 2005 A.D.
    pretty frustrating when you hate God I guess.
    But all bias aside, I'm sure this is gonna be a cult classic(?!)


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