Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Create A Caption Contest

OK, hit comment and give your caption. Winner gets big prizes, as determined by our panel of judges....


  1. 1)
    As the old adage goes:
    If my dog had a face like that, I'd shave its ... eh ... nevermind.

    I don't know whether I want to scratch their heads, or kick a field goal.

    Shortly after their truck ride, the three friends proceeded to eat corn on the cob - through a picket fence.

    DISCLAIMER: Although pets have been documented to resemble their owners at times, the webmaster vehemetly denies any association with the above pictured animals.

    5)Ith thith the thruck thaths headed to the doggie dentith's offith thir?

  2. Should have known that a spider-pup could come up with such good captions. You dogs are smart. Mine was incredibly smart. I named him Stay. "Here, Stay. Here, Stay." Now he's much smarter than that...he just ignores me and keeps on typing." (my apologies to Stephen Wright, one of my favorite comics from the late 80's...)

  3. Ah, yes...those lovable pups from England...


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