Wednesday, November 09, 2005

86,000 Dead

I've heard it described as Disaster Fatigue. I suppose there are many ways to describe it, all of which explain why the world not only isn't paying attention, but is doing little. The quake in Pakistan and northern India has now claimed some 86,000 people. Did I know that? Did I have any idea it was that catastrophic? Does the average person in America know? I hope we talk much more about this tragedy in the days to come. More importantly, I hope we respond. There are ways to help. Best options I'm familiar with at the moment is World Vision. Their web site has more information, along with ways you can make a financial contribution. Check them out. Even if you can't give at the moment, be informed.

Here's a blurb from a newsletter I received today from Mission Network News; check the links in the story to learn even more...

Death toll increases again in Pakistan, Christians continue their work Pakistan
(MNN) -- We begin today in Pakistan where the death toll in the October
earthquake jumped by 13-thousand, to more than 86-thousand. However, that
could rise as winter approaches as an estimated three-million people are
homeless. Food for the Hungry's[1] Ben Homan doesn't want that to happen. FHI is
providing tents in God's name, but assisting in this region is complex. "The
winterized tents are very expensive to acquire and they're in short supply and
so the prices have gone up. And then, the shear physical barrier of getting them
to Pakistan and into many of the places where they're needed (is a problem).
It's just a huge logistical issue." However, Food for the Hungry is working
through a partnership that's helping them to be effective. "We've been
privileged to partner with one of the leading denominations that is in Pakistan.
That's immediately given us access to volunteers and workers that are on the
ground. They know the language and the culture."
Full Story:

A mission group sets up an all-important communications center in Pakistan's quake zone.
Pakistan (MNN)--Meanwhile, Mission Aviation Fellowship's[2]
humanitarian subsidiary PACTEC reports that the first emergency communication
center is up and running from Pakistan's quake zone. The center is in a
Muzaffarabad refugee camp. The PACTEC team is much appreciated because they've provided a way to get information out of the disaster zone as winter sets in. A second site in Balokot is on the way to becoming operational. Pray for the teams
as they serve the needs in this region, that they will be able to share the hope
of Christ. Full Story:

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