Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Crowder Concert

What a terrific night of worship & flat out fun. First was Shane & Shane. I found Shane Bernard several years ago when he was an independent artist. I happened upon www.independentbands.com looking for another independent artist named David Crowder (was looking for the song Rain Down, which was one of our staple songs for a long time). Anyway, the site was promoting Shane Bernard's disc, and lots of people said good things about it, along with another CD by another obscure artist named Rita Springer. So, I bit the bullet and bought 3 CD's from artists I had never heard of. That turned out to be a really good decision - all were awesome (Shane Bernard's Rocks Cry Out is still one of my favorites, if you can find it out there...many of those tunes were redone for later CD's...). Anyway, they are just so tight and refreshing. It was a real treat.

Crowder was, well, Crowder. Funny, passionate, the kind of guy you're not sure you would want your daughter to bring home, but a guy you might want to have coffee with from time to time just to hear how his mind works. Regardless, just an unbelievable show. (BTW, the first Crowder disc I had was actually entitled University Baptist Church All I Can Say, which is my favorite Crowder disc. I think it was re-released with Crowder's name on it, probably on a label. ) Hey pulled out the 80's "Key-tar" for a song. Just a sonically interesting evening, and I would go again tonight if I could!

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  1. I definitely agree. This was an awesome concert. Robbie Seay was also there. He has some really good lyrics. Shane and Shane were awesome. I have one of their cd's, but this was the first time to see them live. David Crowder of course being my favorite. The atmosphere that is created is incredible at his concerts. Worship just takes place in an way that I've never experienced elsewhere.

    BTW...DCB and Third Day will be in Muncie in February.


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