Friday, June 10, 2005

Roaring Lambs II

OK, so I don't read much fiction. I guess I should, but when? I manage to get through a Grisham every now and then on vacation (I'm embarrassed to admit the last series of fiction books I read...more about that in the upcoming Cash Cow III). I did come across an article about a guy who writes fiction, and I read the article. Does that count? Anyway, his name is Brett Lott. His book Jewel was one of the first picked back in the late 90's for Oprah's Book Club, which most authors will tell you is the equivalent life change of a homeless man winning Powerball. Anyway, turns out Lott is highly respected, pretty good at what he does, and surprise surprise, a Christian! The article in Christianity Today tells more about him. You can get his books from lots of places (not sure about the Christian Bookstore - I sort of hope NOT...), but my favorite place for books is Books-A-Million (go ahead, join the Millionaire's Club and save even more - I just like saying I'm a member!) I hope scads of non-believers read people like Lott and find a connection with something bigger than themselves.

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