Saturday, June 04, 2005

Here I Am

My focus isn't always that good. Often its downright helter skelter. On several occasions this past week, I've found myself praying, out loud, while driving to work or wherever I'm heading. I've followed that up with this song played very loud. A great way to start a day.

I lay myself at Your feet
Asking You won't You meet, Won't You meet me
I cannot do it on my own
I cannot do it all alone
Here I am, oh, tonight
With my arms open wide
Won't You come inside
Won't You come inside,
GodCome and fill this heart of mine
I'm in need of You
Of Your touch, of Your life, of Your love
I need You
I need You
Shawn McDonald is his name; the song is called "Here I Am." Its especially good on his "Live from Seattle" CD. If you're looking for some passionate worship & focus & devotion & thought-provoking stuff, that CD is a must-have.

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