Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tough Economic Times / McCain on Leno

Times are tough all over, not just here in the US. Yesterday, the Chinese government laid off the entire second grade!

(OK, so I borrowed that from Leno last night...)

Speaking of Leno, did anyone else watch John McCain on there? He was great. Even if you didn't vote for him, he's hard not to like. Very engaging, funny, and no one...I mean no one... loves this country more than him. The story he told at the end about the cell mate and the homemade American flag was beautiful & touching. If you can find the interview on YouTube or at, its worth your time.

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  1. McCain is very enjoyable. I thought he showed his wit on a few SNL skits and the Alfred E. Smith dinner.

    However, I often wonder if he loves our country more than the humans we've been called to help around the world; I feel like his hastiness on Defense made me really nervous during the election. I'm not fighting for this country.

    (Sorry I commented waaay too much. I just had some catching up to do on this blog.)


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