Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lars And The Real Girl

I took a chance on this film, having overheard a conversation somewhere (not sure where exactly) and having a boring evening alone. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatment! What a great film. I can't really divulge the premise...many of you would write this off if I gave you a summary. But a very good film that is quirky to be sure, but full of great stuff. To see how this community of people loves & accepts this guy who obviously is working through an issue is not only touching, but very much refelective of the heart of Christ. Do yourself a favor...rent it, watch it, and see what I mean!

UPDATE: Watched it again this weekend with my wife (kept telling her she would love it...and I was right!), and was able to purchase a cheap previously-viewed copy!


  1. I agree, Larry. This movie is very touching and poignant...one of my favorites! I have recommended this movie to a few people at my church, asking them to trust me when they hear about the basic premise, because the movie is so beautiful and contains many valuable lessons about community, patience, and grace!


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