Monday, November 10, 2008

Finding Middle Ground

OK, so I've discovered Facebook. Really quite fun - have connected with friends from HS, College, and kids from youth group days gone by. Sat with Facebook on the laptop while I watched the election returns, and was somewhat amazed by what I was seeing happen. Not the outcome of the election itself - I had a strong sense that it would go the way it did. But the reaction of my Facebook friends. It seems my friends fall into 2 categories:
  1. "The Sky is falling! Rip our garments, put ashes on our head, get on our knees and cry out to Jehovah God to not let this guy become president!!!"
  2. "This is perhaps the most unbelievable, history-making night of my life."

I sat watching the comments people were making...and all I could think was "really?" I had my share of problems with both perspectives. First, I just don't think .... at least in my lifetime .... that the Oval Office has made that much impact on our world and particularly on my life (well, the current guy had a little to do with us being in a war that is built upon some shaky rationale, and how can we not blame the gas price 'surge' on him?), and I just don't think Obama can be all that bad. Though there are some moral issues I disagree with on his position (and Johnny Mac's, too), there are some aspects of his platform that are interesting, and we'll see what happens.

However, some were reacting as if the Messiah himself had descended from on high. Not sure I get that, either. He has no experience and is unproven. But, he sounds & looks good. Is that a reason to vote for him? And the average age of those making the "this is the most amazing night of my entire life" comments? About 25. Not that a 25-year-old has nothing to say or no opinion...but there's going to be a lot of amazing moments in your life to come. An unproven entity with a lot to prove becoming president? History, yes. Improbable, certainly. But until the guy actually does something, let's hold off on Messiah (well, let's not go there...regardless)

Three observations I have about the whole deal....just my thoughts for what they're worth....

  1. God is still on the throne. Here in beautiful KY, the sun was really bright the next morning.
  2. Chuck Colson said some time ago that "Jesus isn't coming back on Air Force One." He of course was criticizing the billions of dollars the Religious Right was spending to get the 'right' people in office. We, the people of God, have substituted our mandate to be salt & light and to permeate the culture by living the Kingdom....with the notion that morality in our country should be legislated by elected officials. I believe we need Christians in politics...and dentistry...and law....and running libraries....etc. God's people, when they have risen up throughout history, have made mountains move. With or without elected or appointed officials.
  3. And lastly, I need to spend some time hanging with friends of different perspectives. Not to sway them or be swayed, but to understand better where folks who think like them are coming from. Most of my friends, on Facebook anyway, are on the far right. A few who weren't afraid to wave their Obama support. And in defense of those folks, they happen to be very intelligent, thoughtful Christians who are doing some great things for the kingdom (I know...for some on the Right, that's hard to understand).

All that to say that I think we can use a deep breath, thank God that He hasn't abandoned us, pray for those in charge, and get busy being His followers.


  1. Hey Larry! Great to see you on Facebook, and yes, I probably did smoke you in typing all of those years ago! Thanks for the message. I loved your blog, and when I get more time, want to write more thoughts about exactly what you wrote about. The responses on facebook to the election. Gotta go for now, but will try to write later! Marcee Watkins Hopper

  2. Yes, but I could smoke you now with my keyboard prowess.

  3. Hey Larry, great to hear from you lately. I totally hear what you are saying regarding the election. Some were running around like chicken little and others were looking to fall at Obama's feet. I, for one, did feel that it was an amazing night, not necessarily because of Obama himself, but because after only 40-some years of civil rights for African-Americans, our country elected him. I do tend to come from the left wing politically. I do have issues with specific stances, but overall, the Dems. tend to speak to my heart and mind more completely than the Reps.
    I agree that we can learn from people of differing perspectives. I have several hardcore right wing friends. We often agree to disagree, but we always do so in love for each other. Thanks for your thoughts and for your candor. I do appreciate them and I appreciate you.

    - Michael Box


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