Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spider House

My friends have been dealing with an unbelievable dilemma for the past year. Their home is infested with brown recluse spiders. They have had all sorts of experts & "bug" people check it out, and nothing has worked. Many friends, family & church folk have stepped up to help, mostly by offering some sort of housing. But I'm sure they're approaching the proverbial 'wits end.' They can't live in their home, but they still have to pay the mortgage, insurance, you name it. Both insurance & mortgage companies have been involved, but so far, little help is available or offered.

Our local ABC affiliate does a "Call 6 For Help" feature each week. Tonight at 6:00 on channel 6, my friends the Cooks are featured - Chad & Wendy and their kids. I hope lots of people watch, and that we would all pray that through this being aired, some solution might arise. Watch if you can; not sure if Channel 6 will put the entire story on their site after the fact, but it appears they archive the stories here, so you can probably watch the story after Thursday the 2nd. You can catch the trailer for the story here (or click the picture).

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  1. So I've still got that obnoxious 'creepy-crawly' song going through my head from watching the show. I was hoping they'd confront the insurance company at their offices, or something, too. I did appreciate that they emphasized that they've kept current with their payments, etc. throughout the ordeal. It speaks strongly of the character of that family.


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