Wednesday, November 08, 2006

7 Steps to My Best Life!

Oh, how I was hoping that something like this would hit the market! Not because I needed to pick up one for everyone on my Christmas list, but so I would have something to make fun of ad nauseum. Apparently, the folks at some lame board game company thought this would be a good idea. I guess they ran out of other games to copy-cat and simply add "The Bible Edition" to the title. You know..."Outburst - Bible Edition" or "Apples to Apples - Bible Edition" or "Operation - Bible Edition" (if this one did exist, I suppose removing the Adam's Apple would take on a whole new meaning...). Looking to pick up your own copy of this ridiculous waste of money? You can get it on sale here, but you better hurry to beat the rush! Order today, and get the new copy of the Prayer of Jabez video game for your XBOX 360. You can "increase your territory" by marching on Washington and single-handedly impeaching one left-wing democrat after another....
(Jesus died for this?)

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