Monday, November 20, 2006


This weekend, the National Missionary Convention was held in downtown Indianapolis. Over 10,000 were in attendance of all ages. I was able to catch up with a number of folks that I've met along the way, and continue to walk away in awe of what God is doing in the world...and how he's utilizing folks like you and I. A few of the folks I spent some time with this weekend:

Dave & Lisa Sprinkle - Lisa was in my youth group in Ohio a bunch of years ago. She and Dave live and work among Indian reservations in Arizona & New Mexico. Their ministry is called Hope In Transit. Very creative...they have a travelling music school on various reservations, providing free music lessons to kids, and telling them about Jesus along the way. Very cool...

Ajai Lall - Without a doubt, one of the most amazing men of God I will ever meet. Had the privilege of visiting the Lall's minisitry, Central India Christian Mission, a few years ago. Just an unbelievable ministry. We were fortunate to arrange for Ajai to speak at our church this Sunday. It was a home-run as expected. Can't say enough about what CICM has accomplished, and all that Ajai has been through - persecution, government stubling blocks, you name it. Oh, and only a small percentage (3% or so) of the over 1.2 BILLION profess any form of Christianity. Ajai is definitely called to do what he's doing.

Another old friend, whom I've bumped into over the years, and whose name I won't use, is currently running a coffee shop in K*bul, Afgh*nastan. His strategy is to simply run a business and live & work there, growing friendships. The dream is to start other shops, and hand off the ownership of these to other Christians, to slowly build a stronger base of believers in the country. Fascinating... if you want to get involved & help somehow, contact Team Expansion

Many more...these are 3 that pop into my mind at the moment, and I'm thrilled to know them and have the opportunity to pray & support them my own way. You're welcome to as well!

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