Monday, October 17, 2005

Still Rockin' After All These Years

Went to a rock& roll concert last night. It's been a little while for me, and granted, I felt kinda old. But I survived! It was a great night. Five bands played (it felt like more!), and I of course was most interested in the last two bands. Pillar was next to last, and they just rock. Their rendition of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is just the best (it's on one of my top 5 albums of the last five years, entitled "In The Name Of Love: Artists United for Africa". Bunch of Christian bands doing various versions of U2 songs, with proceeds going toward the Aids pandemic efforts in Africa...if you don't have this CD, you need to get it...). Anyway, pillar was awesome. But the Audio Adrenaline fellas are still able to get it done after all these years. It's a power-packed show with a little bit of everything. It was fun to take it all in with the whole family, which is increasingly hard (and expensive) to do. Having gone to school with the Audio guys, and being one of the 100 or so at their very first concert as A-180, its fun to see them still doing what they do. And, my kids think I'm cool that two of those guys know me. So I'll play that card as long as I can! Looking forward to Crowder & Shane/Shane in a month or so, and hoping to make it another family affair.

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  1. I went to one of their cocerts when they were still A-180, too!


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