Monday, October 03, 2005

New Music/New Band

A couple of new CD's came in the mail late last week. First is "A Collision" by the David Crowder*Band. I love the humor, the quirkiness, the brilliance that is Crowder. I just think he does some things musically that are fresh and unique. It's good art and good music - not something I can honestly say about a lot of the "copy cat" Christian music that's around. I'm not sure if I would call it his best (at least not yet...give me some time to crank it in the headphones a little more). But its awfully good, and I like it a great deal. He has a live honky-tonk version of "I Saw The Light" that is really fun ( a song our band has done for a long time...we're trend setters?) The other CD that I'm enjoying is Shane & Shane. It's called "An Evening With Shane & Shane." Great stuff. Terrific vocals and guitar work. Comes with a DVD of the concert. This is one of the best live CD's I've heard. In fact, at first I didn't know it was live. If you're new to Shane & Shane, its a good introduction - sort of a "best of" compilation.
Last but not least, my new favorite band is pictured at the left....

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  1. That is one sexy band. Their lead singer/songwriter is certainly one of the most talented blokes of all time.


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