Thursday, October 27, 2005

Churches Respond to Katrina

I receive a weekly update from a couple of churches in Louisiana. One is from a guy named Jason at Forest Park Church of Christ in Crowley, LA. This past update is sort of a thanks to the many, many churches from other states around the country that have sent donations, along with the many who have been down to assist or are making plans to do so. He sent a chart showing the amount of money that has come from various states. Indiana was a huge player here, with almost $21,000. The next largest amount came from North Carolina, around $7,000. In all, some 26 states have responded. Along with around $36,000 anonymous donations, their total gifts from churches throughout the US is around $110,000. Very cool. This is just the story from one church! They have an elaborate distribution center set up to help the community with various needs. Jason even sent a chart showing the distribution amounts and what they've gone toward. Very cool (if I knew what I was doing and could put an Excel chart on the blog, I would. As is, I'm inept...would value anyone's guidance on that for future reference!) All in all, there is NOTHING like the church when the church is working right. Nothing. Here's an interesting Katrina story about churches and their response, and of course the critics. My favorite part of it is the large distribution area where one church is helping folks, and back in the back corner at a small table doing nothing more than paperwork is the FEMA guy. Article is here; it's short.

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