Sunday, September 20, 2009


I want to lose some weight.

OK, let me say that differently...I need to lose weight.

I've been heavy for a long while. A number of years ago, I was able to start a regimen that allowed me to lose over 50 pounds, get in shape through exercise, and maintain for a while.

I don't know how it happens, but it just does - I become more sedentary, lose focus, and eat a lot. Not just a lot, but a lot of the wrong things. I'm not gaining weight by over-eating salads. It's chips, pizza, fried this or that, breads, cookies and the like.

I'm troubled by it all for a number of reasons. First, I feel like crap. I didn't just start feeling lousy today. It's been around for a while, so you would think I would see the correlation and do something about it. But its so easy to get busy, unfocused, and undisciplined. Clothes don't fit well, you get winded easily, and self esteem sometimes takes a hit. All which works together to make me feel lousy, mostly in a physical sense.

Second and perhaps most importantly is the bad example. I'm heavy because its my fault - its not genetic, etc. I've spent a good bit of my life developing myself as some sort of leader. But the example I'm setting for those in my sphere of influence - not to mention my own children - isn't a good one. I must do better. I will do better.

Many Mondays have come & gone where I've said 'today is the day that I hit it and make a change.' Funny, that worked once. Can't put a finger on it, but I just resolved that I was going to make changes, and I did. And it worked. But the many times in the past year I've tried have come up short.

Here's my plan: write about it often. Sure, very few (if any) read my blog anyway, but I plan to start mentioning on Twitter and FB that I'm blogging and see if some come over. I think it could be an interesting way to find some accountability. But speaking of accountability, I plan to seek out someone this week to help me in person, face to face. I'm praying about who that person is.

I plan to count calories like before, and follow the Body for Life workout program. There are lots of ways to go, but I know this works - I did it before. And I remember how good I felt as the lb's came off.

I owe this to myself and to my family. And I owe it to God to be everything I can for Him. Added responsibilities and interesting twists & turns of life make it important that I be healthy and full of energy.

Your prayers and encouragement are valued and welcome.


  1. Hi, I happened across your blog and scrolling through, I saw this post. I have always been heavy, my entire life, short as it may be, I'm only almost-18. I finally found the thing that worked for me, and it's called ideal protein. I highly recommend you looking into it, it's made a miraculous change in my life. It actually explains WHY we gain weight and teaches us how to keep it off, and here's the biggie, you're losing ALL FAT, while maintaining your muscle! anyway, take care, and no matter what you decide to do, i hope you find the strength to stick with it! (:

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