Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Deck: Why We Love The Church

Product Description: Why We Love the Church presents the case for loving the local church. It paints a picture of the local church in all its biblical and real life guts, gaffes, and glory in an effort to edify local congregations and entice the disaffected back to the fold. It also provides a solid biblical mandate to love and be part of the body of Christ and counteract the "leave church" books that trumpet rebellion and individual felt needs. Why We Love the Church is written for four kinds of people - the Committed, the Disgruntled, the Waffling & the Disconnected.

Looking forward to starting this book sometime in the next couple of days. The anti-Church movement among Christians is getting old. Yes, I think the organized church can do better. But I'm not sure the solution is for all of the 'young whipper-snappers' to go start what I like to call the 'come as you are, we've got an Espresso bar' churches. Sure, some of these are good things. Most work under the premise "we're going to reach the lost." But I have a hunch the bulk of them just attract other disgruntled folk who, instead of helping the organized evangelical church figure out new paradigms for ministry and how to contextualize it in our culture, find it a lot easier to just go congregate at the local Java the Hut.

So I'm anxious to see what these guys have to say, and hope to write about it here.

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