Monday, June 05, 2006

School Overcrowding "A Good Problem?"

School is winding down. Today happens to be the last day for my kids. Next year, I will have kids in 3 different school buildings. That should be interesting. This year, my two youngest were in one of the brand new "mega, Taj Mahal-type" schools that have been built with my tax dollars. It's very nice & all. And huge.

Recently, I've been at 3 different school program-type events at the aforementioned Taj Mahal school. Just for the 2nd & 3rd grade program, the new, large gymanasium was packed, standing room only. Wall to wall people.

The principal steps up to the mic and says "Isn't this a great problem to have?"

Well, frankly, no, its not a good problem to have. Somebody please explain to me how this problem is good. Granted, every school program that I ever attended at our quaint old school that was shut down last year was also crowded. But many of those had the entire school and their parents shoved into the gym (one that was much smaller). Not to mention smaller classrooms, etc.

So after this first year in the Taj Mahal, our school system has decided to move some 150 or so kids to a couple of other schools. On the surface, this seems like a good idea to aleviate some overcrowding. I suppose it would be if they chose to use that decrease in number to ease the classroom numbers per teacher. But in their wisdom, that isn't happening. In fact, instead of making the classes smaller, they will stay the same. The result of moving kids out will actually leave empty classrooms.

I guess there are mysteries in life that are hard to explain. I'm not sure which leadership group I'm least impressed local school system, or that guy who somehow got re-elected as mayor of New Orleans. (names withheld to protect the guilty).

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  1. I'd go with the local school system.
    The dumocrats have little room to outdo themselves.


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