Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Roaring Lambs VI - Go See 'Triple Espresso'

Around 10 years ago or so, my wife and I were at a conference in San Diego. We paid the extra fee for the evening banquet and entertainment, which would be hosted by 3 comedians that we had seen previously, and had always enjoyed. We were treated to a fabulous off-broadway-type show that these three guys created, called Triple Espresso. It was a blast!

Turns out, these guys were rather serious about their comedy. Triple Espresso has been a long-running show in both Minneapolis and San Diego, and has begun to travel to other cities.

Sunday night, we took a group of friends to Indianapolis to see the show, and we were not disappointed! Though not the original cast (I guess those 3 creators just sit back and cash the checks...), these guys were very good. They have around 30 or so actors that they have trained to perform Triple Espresso, which makes it possible to have it running simultaneously around the world.

I'm a big proponent of Christians flavoring our culture (OK, I stole the whole thing from Jesus!) We need Christians who write, act, sing, paint, whatever. Problem is, most Christians who do these things only do so for other Christians! And we wonder where the "salt & light" influences in our culture have gone. Mostly, they're holed up in an obscure Christian bookstore that only a small segment of our society would ever enter in the first place. But one of the things I like most about Triple Espresso, (which is not some sort of Christian event at all), is that its good art - written and produced and directed and acted (for the most part) by Christians. Roaring Lambs, serving the most creative being in the universe, using their God-inspired creativity. Not to mention that you'll laugh a lot!

The Indianapolis run has been extended due to popular demand! It runs through June 25th at the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, located downtown, almost next door to Circle Center. Well worth your time and money (not exactly cheap, but a terrific night out...if you're one of my baker's dozen of people who actually read this, I have coupons for $5 off if you're interested...)

Check out Triple Espresso at their site for clips, comments, etc.

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  1. Yeah, on the Christian message in larger markets, did you see the CMT awards this year? I was stunned. Kerri Underwood got all kinds of awards. There is still hope for this genre! A passing homo crack was booed, but hey, at least they don't treat perverts like ambassadors from another country.


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