Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ways To Help Churches In the Gulf States

Here's a post from IDES website,, where you can go to donate funds that will be distributed through local churches. Here is the latest bit of interesting stuff from their site:

URGENT NEED! Thank you for caring. It is heartbreaking to see the destruction that Katrina has caused. The hardest part for all of us will be waiting until it is safe enough to begin helping. We have been in contact with Rick Grover of Journey Christian Church in New Orleans. Rick Grover has been told it may be two months or more before they can get back to their church and home. You may get current information about this church by going to ( or( You may donate online by going to IDES website: Click on the 'PAY PAL' button and follow the directions. IMPORTANT: Please put your address in the SHIPPING ADDRESS box so we may send you a receipt. Checks should be made payable to IDES and sent to -P.O. Box 60, Kempton, IN 46049. Write 'hurricane relief' on the memo line of the check. 100% of funds designated in this manner will be used for hurricane relief. The following ministries are currently providing food and other items for evacuees/or relief workers. We recommend you contact these ministries to coordinate delivery of goods. 1. Garry Jones, minister, Real Life Ministries of Louisiana, Pineville, LA 71360. Telephone: Home – 318-640-3635; Shop – 318-443-0029; cell – 318-613-0416. 2. Jason Corder, minister, Forest Park Christian Church, Crowley, LA. Telephone # is 337-783-2754 or 337-581-9230. They could use the following items: Baby wipes Tissues Disposable diapers Blankets Pillows Air mattresses Tooth brushes & tooth paste Shaving cream, razors Feminine hygiene Bottled water Underwear T-shirts Shorts Towels, soap Please do not gather anything until you first contact one of these ministries to coordinate delivery. IDES does not have the resources to collect or store these items. IDES is considering sending $10,000.00 to -Bay Area Christian Church, Houston, TX to provide food for evacuees. At this time they do not have room for more items. MATCHING FUNDS OF $25,000.00 COMMITTED – Fern Creek Christian Church, Louisville, KY is taking a work crew to Sunbelt Christian Camp which is south of Jackson, MS. The crew will begin doing “clean up” work. Some from this church will be on the field for the next several months. If you want to take a work crew to Mississippi please contact – The communication person will be able to tell you what to bring etc. TEMPORARY HOUSING FOR SURVIVORS Many have offered their homes for evacuees. IDES does not have the resources to facilitate this kind of program. The following information was sent to IDES by Doug Delp. Doug was trying to organize our Christian Camps as shelters for survivors. “I have just been contacted by a V.O.A.D. director (National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster s from Dallas, TX. He has said that a decision has been made to not encourage secondary temporary housing for hurricane Katrina victims. Secondary housing is no longer encouraged. They need roots to begin not “reshuttled.” He encourages us to promote the Red Cross’s program for relocating Katrina victims in homes. BUT THE FOLLOWING IDEAS ARE CURRENTLY WORKING. 1. Communities that have private or government apartments available with families, churches, or organizations that can help defray 1 – 6 months rent should sign up with the RED CROSS. 2. American and Southwest Airlines have free plane tickets for Katrina victims to relocate to other area of the country. 3. Any homes where Katrina Victims would not be left in the home during the day with your children can sign up to have them stay with you. 4. Katrina victims need to be incorporated into our communities, e.g. children in school, adults finding work and/or establishing an address. CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE FOR MORE RESOURCES: (

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