Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Movies That Expand My View I

I'm compiling a list of movies, shorts, etc. that help me, and hopefully others, see the world in a different way. Specifically, the way the world really is, as compared to how most Americans think the world really is. There are a ton, and two that I've seen recently (one as recent as late last night since I couldn't sleep!) are:

Beyond Borders starring Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen. Rated R for language and violence, but those pale in comparison to some of the images of famine, starvation, internal politics and guerrilla tactics that limit the ability of relief organizations to really help people in need. Very eye-opening and emotion-stirring, but not the kind of movie that wins any awards or is jumping off the Blockbuster shelves (that honor is apparently reserved for some cross-dressing dude in Diary Of A Mad Black Woman...) Critics ripped it and rightly so; however, you can't help but get something from it.

Other recent film that broadened my horizons was Hotel Rwanda with Don Cheadle. It's PG-13 for violence and disturbing images. Real disturbing, I might add. I had heard little about the film, and knew little about what had gone on in Rwanda (and what continues to happen in many other countries). Brian McLaren's article made me put it on my "must watch" list, and I'm glad I did. You should see this movie. And read McLaren's thoughts too.

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