Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chasing Waterfalls

I get a daily email letter from Christianity Today, full of news items, articles, and stuff. I often scroll through the headlines, and one today sort of caught my attention. It said...

'With the Waterfalls, This Really Feels Like a Sanctuary'

So I was hooked! Hey, who wouldn't be impressed by waterfalls in a sanctuary? Oh, I don't know...maybe the several billion people around the world who would just like to eat tonight?

But that's just a thought. The article itself was about Joel Osteen-tatious and his new church facility, the Houston Rocket's former home, Compaq Arena. In fairness, the quote was from a random attender, not Osteen himself. And though I'm not one to beat up the mega-church movement, something about his theology just sort of makes me scratch my head a little. Sometimes, you just don't have "your best life...now" (Uh, try Job, the hundreds of thousands of Christian martyrs through the centuries, the religious oppression that goes on in 90% of the world that apparently isn't in Houston, etc.)

This quote from the article sort of sums it up for me:
Psychological well-being, for Osteen, seems to mean being positive. "The idea of suffering as a Christian virtue is not part of his worldview," said Lynn Mitchell, director of religious studies at the University of Houston. "Some call it Christianity Lite—you get all the benefits, but don't pay attention to the fact that Jesus called for suffering. He doesn't tackle many of the problems of the world."

For what its worth. Maybe I'm just jealous. If only I could be more positive.

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