Thursday, December 06, 2007

Funny T-shirts

I admit, I'm a fan of funny T's. Not vulgar, objectionable, nasty, or Indiana University T's. But funny ones. Here are a couple I've come across of late. Granted, I'm too cheap to actually buy these, and they're a little much to begin with. But they're kinda funny nonetheless. This one on top is from the folks where you'll find lots of funny stuff.
Not sure where I got that one, but it provided a chuckle. Not everyone would get it...or find it funny. But hey, this is my blog to tell you what I think, right?

Really like this one a lot. The theme for this one was "Diversity." There is a website called Woot. No idea what it means, but once a day at they sell an item. Same item all day, until they run out. Shipping always $5. Kinda fun. But they started a woot.shirt deal, and the shirts are limited run, and designed by woot users as sort of a contest. Go there, look at the selections, and enjoy. Some are more "concept" designs that might leave you scratching your head. OK, so some do for me. But this one made me laugh, and I sorta wish I had it.....hint...I wear a 2X for comfort....

Last but not least, another Woot offering. This one is called "Nobody's Perfect." Wish I had thought of that as the title of this blog and used a logo like that. Well done....well, almost.


  1. My brother has the Calvinism/Arminianism shirt. It is definitely one of my favorites. There is a Facebook group also called "The Group That Chooses You".

  2. Ya u have really bright idea about the Funny T-shirts its very nice and it also shows in bright hands.


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