Friday, November 09, 2007

Elections & Endorsements Oh My!

Got an email the other day from a good friend that directed me to a piece regarding the Robertson 'endorsement' of Rudy Guilliani. A portion of my reply below:

I guess it begs the question, why does anybody need to endorse anybody? If there are people out there (and there are) who are just sitting around waiting anxiously for who Robertson et al or any Christian talking head is going to “endorse,” aren’t we in more trouble than its worth? Who really cares who Robertson is endorsing, anyway? Looks to me like there’s no clear cut “perfect” candidate – they all have some baggage or something that someone isn’t going to like (some of these aforementioned 'Christian talking heads' aren't going to like ANY candidate, or at least can find something wrong with them all).

BTW, I’m still a believer that Jesus isn’t coming back on Air Force One. It’s not that I don’t care who the President is – in fact, I found myself “post-city election” caring a great deal that we’ve run off the mayor in the local election this week that actually made a difference in this town and elected some guy whose only obvious qualification is the "D" next to his name. What does he, or any candidate for US President, think about abortion? As I’ve said before, not sure it matters. (the only people that do seem to want it to matter are on the far right wing.... seems they tend to overlook all of the other injustices in our nation/world that the Bible speaks very clearly about and we focus on only this one issue.) We’ve enjoyed more Republican pro-life presidents in my lifetime than Democrats, and nothing has changed. Nothing. Sure, we fight for the right to put our token supreme court people in place. But nothing has changed. Instead, if we were focusing our efforts not on a) bashing candidates and/or other Christians, b) using the funds we spend to get Candidate X elected on something important and God ordained like, oh, maybe EVANGELISM, and c) getting about the business of actually making a difference in the country we live in and not just relying on government to always find the solutions that the Church already knows but isn’t doing…….then we might be onto something!

As always, just some random thoughts. I speak for no one but myself, so the views expressed here may or may not represent the views of management…

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