Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our "Big Game Bash" Parties

Here are a couple of pics from the two parties we hosted. We were planning one giant blowout with a 16-foot screen, but we quickly retooled our plans to fit within the suggested guidelines from the NFL, CBS, the apparent copyright laws, and Oprah (OK, I don't think Oprah was involved, though I think she owns most everything....the promo with her and Letterman during the "big game" was one of my favorite of the night!)

We hosted our parties for those in our community from 4 homeless shelters. We split the locations in two...one at our place, another at the Christian Center Rescue Ministry. And we kept the screens at regulation size. Oh, and the good guys won! A couple pics......

This first pic is from the Christian Center dining room. We got there early to set up the tech stuff, decorate, and essentially roll out the red carpet. Many of those who attended were either residents of the shelter, or folks that visit there for a hot meal. Had a good mix of both Bears and Colts fans.

This is a glimpse of the scene at our place. We decked it out very cool. We were planning the 16-foot screen for this room, but instead went with the regulation 55-inch image. Small, but we made it work. Very cool event, and something that I hope we'll do annually. And perhaps we can find a resolution with the powers that be to let us do one big event in the future!

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