Tuesday, January 23, 2007

got rich kids?

I came across this campaign from the folks at Geez Magazine, which admittedly was new to me but immediately interesting. I don't know if the campaing is legit or just a funny idea, but its intriguing and might just work. Basically, its a parody on child adoption. You submit the names of rich kids (which is, roughly, the average North American), and they are "adopted" by "an appropriate sponsor family from the other side of the disparity divide," either here or in other parts of the world. The sponsor family helps their "sponsored rich kid" understand what life is like on the other side, prays for them, and shares first-hand how the consumer-driven economic system affects them. Check it out and peek around a little at the Geez website. Click "child sponsorship" to check out the campaign...

One interesting entry at Geez is entitled "Jesus Was A Fatty" - it's also particularly interesting, though not related to the above "Make Affluence History" campaign (which is a clever title in and of itself...)

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  1. Larz,
    I will pray for the folks at geez, that they might disclose thier yearly earnings and inform us what "more than our share" is. Unless the pot's callin' the kettle black.



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