Saturday, September 02, 2006

My $5 Car...I'm Not Kidding

I live approx. 200 yards from a large car dealership. It seems they always have some sort of giveaway, drawing, and gimmick to get people over to the lot. For the last week, they've given away a car for $5, one per night. I decided that I lived close enough to justify going over and seeing what happens. And as luck would have it, I am now the proud owner of a 1997 Ford Contour, with over 148,ooo miles. Go figure. And I said I would never own another Ford, after what has affectionately been referred to in my family as "The Tempo Debacle of 1990."

Anyway, the jury is still out on the Contour. It does run, and for those that know me, it runs a little like several of the cars I've owned. For those who don't know me, I've owned what can only be referred to as some "hum dingers." However, the Contour has many "things" going on, and I've spent little time uncovering all of those. Obviously, it wasn't real closely taken car of by its previous owner. I've only driven it the 200 yards from the dealership to my house. Only then did I discover that I have to roll down the window to open the door! Admittedly, I laughed out loud. And though you can't see from this picture, the front bumper has somehow drooped down (my best description), and the previous owner thought using some packing tape to hold it in place would be a good idea!

So, much may be fixable, including the Scotch Tape job on the front. I'm trying to decide what to do with the car...your advice would be helpful. Sell? Keep? Other?


  1. You can actually get a tax break at blue book value or so by donating it to a fire department or EMS for training purposes ... and they might let you and the family watch them torch it.

    My father did this once when he was on a Volunteer Fire Department.

  2. Looks Good! Got a sledge hammer? You could raise money for your kids college fund! It's a Ford not worth much.

  3. A missionary on furlough would give you more than $5, fix it up for you, and then let you buy it back for a small fee for the next missionary coming home. Or it could be traded in by the next missionary home, for a more dependable model that, while still American made, might not be Found On Road Dead. Or . . .


  4. how very very cool...

    and what fun ideas your receiving.

    that's really just a fun story in itself.

    --RC of


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